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My articles have appeared in the publications, Bonjour Paris, France Today, Complete France, The Good Life France, and Frenchly. 


Death by Chocolate

The history of chocolate, and its circuitous route to Paris, is not for the squeamish. From human sacrifice to the infamous Spanish Inquisition, the growing and harvesting of cacao seeds for the production of chocolate has tortured, enslaved, and seduced. The cacao tree was not domesticated in Central America as previously thought. Traces of cacao

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Paris Arrondissements

The Paris Alphabet

The unique charm of Paris is based upon its savoir-vivre, that je ne sais quoi… the indescribable, yet completely recognizable, way of life which has become embedded in our subconscious. To “think Paris”, as the writer Paul Valéry noted, is to know the true insider history of what makes this city a mélange of mortar and myth.

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Lost In Paris

As anyone who has ever visited Paris knows, it is a walking city. Even the monumentality of its arrondisements does not overshadow its human scale and accessibility for pedestrians. Keeping in mind that every building of any note is usually within walking distance of the Seine, I decided to forgo a map and wander, à

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Collioure Harbor

Collioure Magic

Catalonia, where the craggy Pyrénées mountains descend into the Mediterranean Sea. The view seen from high above the coast encompasses a rich landscape of geometrically captivating vineyards and jagged shoreline. Inextricably anchored between France and Spain, Collioure is considered the pearl of the Côte Vermeille. Known since the time of the seagoing Phoenicians, this charmingly

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L'Isle sur la Sorgue, Provence

Vaucluse Venice

“Song of the Sorgue” River rushing by so fast, at full pelt on your own… River where the lightening ends and where my home begins… René Char A subterranean aquifer, the source of the Sorgue River, runs along the rim of a precipitously rugged outcropping high above the village of Fontaine de Vaucluse, its 7-kilometer

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D'Artagnan, above Lupiac Lake

Pays d’Artagnan

As you drive through the remote, southwestern French countryside, down narrow plane tree-lined allées past villages shrouded in mystery, you get the sense that the area looks much as it did during the time of d’Artagnan, one of its most renowned heroes. He was not just a fictionalized character from the Alexandre Dumas novels, but a real person named Charles Ogier

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Painting by Edward Draper, Potpourri

Yves de Chiris

Yves de Chiris: Scented Heir to the Chiris Perfume Dynasty. Grasse, Provence, perfume factory of Anroine de Chiris Tucked off a road behind a tall laurel hedge and surrounded by sunflower fields in July, Yves de Chiris enjoys a life enhanced with richly textured memories. Born in 1937, Yves is the epitome of style: immensely affable, cultivated, erudite

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Glorious Gascony

There’s no better way to explore Gascony than on a French Country Adventures tour. The specialist French tour company offers exceptional adventures in the south of France for individuals and small groups, whether you want to experience the region’s rich culture, exquisite gastronomy or favourite tipples. Here are five reasons why you should consider this historic destination

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