Plenty: A Photo Essay

Gascony is never more beautiful than in October. The grapes have been harvested. Corn and sunflower stubble fill vast fields, and winter wheat has been planted in deep-brown ochre soil, ted to perfection like enormous Zen gardens that stretch to the horizon. Life in the Gers is simple, profound and real, linked to the seasons of the year and bounty of the earth.

When the world seems lacking in comfort or joy I head for the garden. But it’s been so rainy and windy this last week, devastatingly so in southern France, I found it impossible to go outside. So this morning I decided to share some photographs from the past few weeks. Each contains a moment in time, ephemeral and shimmering with beauty, something we all need right now.

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” Elliott Erwitt –

Salles d’Armagnac




Chateau de Ravignan, Perquie



Le Fréchou

Chateau d’Abbadia, Pays Basque


Église Nore Dame de l”assomption, Labastide dArmagnac


Chateau d’Roquetaillade, Mazères,



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